This is just one of the [tag]basketball shoot out[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] that have been sent to me. Try this out with your team tonight!Basketball Shoot Out

From Shannon…
Fast Pace Basketball Shooting Drill
Set up:“  line at both sides of half court line and two to three players in front of one basket.  Put five minutes on the clock and put up 40-60 points on visitor points.  (we are at 60 for junior high girls).

The [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] starts by ball being put up and rebounded at basket that has line at it; ball is outleted to one side of half court, player receives ball and [tag]dribbles[/tag] to opposite basket for a [tag]lay up[/tag].  At the same time the player from the other half court line“  goes to basket for a [tag]rebound[/tag].  If basket is good rebounder takes ball out of bounds and makes a [tag]pass[/tag] to [tag]shooter[/tag] who has run to half court, player at half court receives pass and passes it on to player waiting at opposite basket, who makes a layup and then goes to half court line. Players rotate to new line each time.  We do it with as few as six players.

This is a fast pace drill that works on [tag]passing[/tag], layups, [tag]fast breaks[/tag], etc.  It’s fun for the players to try to keep beating their own scores.