Mike in Chicago emailed me looking for advice on [tag]basketball shooting[/tag].  Here’s a [tag]shooting[/tag] drill sent in by Al.Basketball Shooting

In order to challenge and measure a player’s ability to:
a. maintain a consistent release point and
b. maintain their focus and concentration,
This shooting [tag]drill[/tag] includes a high volume of shots.
50 Shots – One Shooter, One rebounder, One Passer
Record the results and keep a chart for each player.
I offered $50.00 to the first player on my varsity boys team to make 40 out of 50.
The ultimate goal is to have the players motivated to reach their goal on a consistent basis.  Each player should have a season and weekly goal for practice and games.  The best score we have had is 43/50.  I am sure there must be a high school player that can make 50/50.
This is a great [tag]basketball[/tag] drill to identify and develop your three point shooters.