Marion in Coral Gables wrote to ask if I could suggest any ideas for [tag]basketball shooting drills[/tag].  Here’s what Tamara sent in as one of her favorite [tag]drills[/tag]:Basketball Shooting

Two lines under the goal standing right at baseline facing the court. Another player stands in the paint few feet in front of the free throw line. 
First person in each line has a ball.  One person from the line (doesn’t matter who starts) throws the ball to the“  player on the court. They shoot and get their own rebound. Once the player throws the ball they run out (behind) the person shooting and look for the pass from the other line. They get the pass from the other line, shoot and rebound.
When each player gets their rebound the player in the lines should be waiting for the pass to get ready to feed it back out to the next shooter.
It is a quick [tag]basketball[/tag]“ [tag]drill[/tag] that makes them think fast, shoot , rebound skills.  It was a tad confusing just at the beginning for our 4th grade girls just because it was quick, but they figured it out and love it. Also, a good way to work off the glass.