This idea for a [tag]basketball shooting aid[/tag] was sent in by Kevin.  Using this kind of positive motivation during your [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] will reap incredible results!Basketball Shooting Aid

From Kevin…

Something that worked very well for my junior high JV girls team (7th and 8th graders) was just some very simple positive thinking at the foul line.  You see, most girls walked up to the line “expecting” to miss.  We barely shot 45% for the first half of the year.

During one [tag]practice[/tag], I asked the girls to think aloud while they were on the line, and only then did I realize how “negative”“  they were.  After that, during practice when we were [tag]shooting[/tag] fouls, I would walk around any girl who was struggling at the line, and whisper to her before her next shot….”Just imagine you made 10 [tag]foul shots[/tag] in a row, and tell yourself that this shot is easy.”“  Miraculously, the girls started making foul shots, virtually every time I uttered this to them.  I even used it in a game with our center, who shot about 30% for the year up to that point.  I just had my point guard run up to her and whisper the phrase in her ear…and of course you know what happened…she made the shot!!

Obviously this method has some limits, but I am a firm believer of positive thinking, and am certain that these thoughts was one of the main reasons for our improved foul shooting the rest of the year.  If I could only get them to do this EVERY shot without having to be reminded.