This is a drill one of my subscribers used for [tag]basketball shooting camp[/tag]. Try this out with your team tonight! Fun and effective!Basketball Shooting Camp

From Steven…
One [tag]basketball drill[/tag] that my players like is called “Mad Ball”.

You split the team up and place them on each sideline at half court spread out so they can sit cross legged with their backs facing away from the court.

A [tag]basketball[/tag] is placed anywhere the coach likes on the court but the players don’t know where it is. One player from each side is given a number. The drill begins when a [tag]basketball coach[/tag] yells out a number. The player whose number is called must get up as quickly as possibly and try to be the first one to get to the ball. The one who gets the ball becomes the offensive player, the other is defensive. The offensive player then tries to score to the closest basket the ball was located. Only one shot is allowed.

This drill helps teach them to hustle for a loose ball down court and also teaches them to quickly get up off the floor.