These drills sent in by Ballejos and Andrew are great to use for [tag]basketball shooting clinics[/tag]. Try them out with your team tonight!Basketball Shooting Clinics

From Ballejos…
My [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] is easy, but the kids love it!
The [tag]coach[/tag] starts with 4-5 basketballs on one side of the court. One by one he lets the players run down the court, at full speed, while the coach throws the basketball in front of the player.
The player has to catch up to the ball and finish going to the basket and hit a [tag]jumpshot[/tag] or [tag]layup[/tag]. He gets his own [tag]rebound[/tag] and brings the ball back to the coach [tag]dribbling[/tag] down the sideline, fullspeed.

After the whole team has gone a couple of times, I let them take a water break, then move them to the other side of the court and start the drill again! THEY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Andrew…
A Warm-up Drill
Have 3 players along the baseline under the basket.
One in the middle passes to the far right and goes around far right passes to the far left coming towards the ball and then pass es back to the to the player in the middle. Then middle puts the ball down on the half court line and becomes defense against the other two players who become offense.

Good for [tag]passing[/tag] and good for a defender playing against a [tag]fast break[/tag].