Take a look at this submission sent to my by Trendelle, a [tag]basketball shooting coach[/tag].  A great example of a fast break [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that can work with all ages.Basketball Shooting Coach

From Trendelle…
I have a [tag]free throw[/tag] [tag]fast break[/tag] drill that I ran on my high school team way back in 1987 that worked very well for us. I use this in my [tag]practices[/tag] and as a quick hitting play.

It’s very simply, when your opponent goes to the free throw line your team huddles at the line before they line up and the PG calls which way he wants the play to run either right or left.

Once the player hits the last free throw the center, who has lined up on either the left or right side depending on which side the play was called for catches the ball and [tag]passes[/tag] it to the forward who has popped out to the baseline.  He then passes it up to the other forward who has sprinted to the half court line, who in turn passes it to the guard who has sprinted to the opposite baseline.

Depending on how the [tag]defense[/tag] has reacted, the guard then has the choice of either taking the 3pt shot, or hitting the center that has sprinted down the court after inbounding the ball, as he cuts down the paint.

If run correctly, this quick hitting play will catch the opposing team off guard and gives you and easy scoring opportunity.