One of the [tag]basketball shooting coaches[/tag] sent me this [tag]out-of-bounds play[/tag] that his middle school team has used with great success.  Try this out with your team tonight!Basketball Shooting Coaches

From Joel…
I coach a combo 5th/6th grade at an elementary school team in Elk Grove, CA (Sacramento area) and we finished our last season 13-1.  Just to let you know we were the runner up, 2nd place at the 16-team elementary [tag]basketball[/tag] spring showdown tournament.

The play that has worked well for us is a [tag]play[/tag] called stack-n-go.

It’s a sideline out-of-bounds play with the best slasher [tag]passing[/tag] the ball in and the other 4 players in a stack position with the center in the last position.

The first player goes to back across half court, second player goes to the 3-point line on the opposite side, the third player cuts towards the key then L-cuts to the opposite side to clear the lane.  The last player get the ball, immediate [tag]pivots[/tag], and [tag]passes[/tag] the ball to the inbound passer, who b-lines directly to the basket to score or draw a foul.

We used this play to get a lot of centers in foul trouble.  I would say that the efficiency rate for this play was about 80% for our team.