This is a [tag]basketball shooting drill[/tag] that was sent in by Matt this spring.  Try it out with your team tonight!Basketball Shooting Drill

From Matt…
My kids were having trouble getting back on [tag]defense[/tag] and were consistently getting beat.  We threw in this [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] and have had good success with it.

Using full court – 5 kids start at the opposite free throw line doing foot fire.  Stressing proper defensive stance.  I wait until everyone is doing foot fire correctly and then I throw the ball at one of the kids, which starts a 5 on 0 fastbreak at the opposite basket.  After the first person shoots they immediately run back on defense to the free throw line they started at and begin footfire again.  I throw it at another kid to start the fastbreak and the drill starts over.  Can have new kids sub in each time if you want.

Other options include have them keep [tag]shooting[/tag] on the fastbreak until it goes in.  Also could add 1 or 2 defenders to stop their transition break.  We also like to use a few coaches when available (one to [tag]rebound[/tag] their shot, then make an outlet pass to halfcourt to another [tag]coach[/tag] who throws it to a coach standing at the other end of the court and the kids have to make sure they get back and stop the coach at the other end of the court.  Can add punishments for not getting back and in time.