A blog reader, Reg S. from Canada, “ sent me a [tag]basketball shooting drill[/tag] I’d love to pass along…

I do a shooting game called 7-up. I may have revised one that I saw before but I have added a twist to it as the players get better. I divide the squad into 2 teams ( 5-6 players ) per“  net“  . The team has to score 7 baskets at 7 spots on Basketball Shooting Drillthe court. The spots are the foul line ; the 2 elbows at the foul line ;left and right layups; both short baseline shots( just outside the key ) { the older the players the further this shot is} The teams can choose where to start the drill and the object is to finish 7 shots at a spot before going to a new one. Once a team has completed all 7 spots they are the winners and the other team runs or whatever
The twist I put in is as the players become better shooters a penalty shot is added. I tell them the if after 3 shots are made and the next shot is missed the team has to start over at 1 at that spot. This puts pressure on the shooters is a game situation. teams I have done this with like it . I had one
team that got to the point that I could put into 2 penalty shots. I will with older players ( 15 and up) add the 3 point shot as“  bonus shot . Again the team has to make 7.

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