Try these [tag]basketball shooting drills[/tag] at your next practice. The [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is set up as a contest. The youth teams love this one!

I break the team up into two teams.  At one end of the floor the teams line up at the elbow of the free throw line.

Team “A” on the left elbow, team “B” on the right.  Each team has a [tag]basketball[/tag].  When the [tag]basketball coach[/tag] tells them to go, the players“  shoot the jumper from the elbow, get their own rebound and drive the length of the floor to the other basket for a layup.  Then they get their own rebound, drive back to their spot at the front of their line and take another jump shot from the elbow.  Get their own rebound and pass to the next player in their line.

The goal is to be the first team to 21 points. The jump shots are worth 2 points each, the layups worth one.  Therefore each player has the potential to score 5 points for their team.  Losing team has to do gut busters or push-ups, etc.

When I want them to work on following their shots and rebounding, we do the same game only it is done on one end of the floor using one basket.  This variation is that if the player misses his jump shot he has to get the rebound before it hits the floor.  If he does, he can dribble in and shoot the layup or take a short jumper.  Scoring is the same, 2 points for the jumper from the elbow, 1 pt. for any shot made after that as long as they ball has never touched the floor.

They can keep shooting until they make it as long as they get the rebound every time before it hits the floor. Once they score they pass to the next player in line.