Take a look at this submission from Raymond.  A great example of [tag]basketball shooting drills[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Basketball Shooting Drills

From Raymond…
Here’s a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] my guys tend to like because of the competitive nature.

Split the team into groups of three… one [tag]basketball[/tag].
One positioned at the left “block” near the hope, another at top of the key, the third (with the ball) at the wing on the right… 10 feet-12 feet out.

Shooter takes his shot and goes for his own rebound.  Immediately the player at the top of the key fills in the vacated spot by the shooter;the player at the block fills in the spot at the top of the key.  Hit or miss the shooter rebounds the ball and passes to the top of the key.  That player quickly passes it to the person at the shooting position, who then“  takes the next shot.  Round and round it goes from there until teams hit 5 straight shots or 5 minutes is up.  Team that wins decides what the others will do (suicides, push-ups) while they do the opposite.  If 5 minutes goes by without a winner… the whole team does both.

Focuses on quick passes and following shots under “pressure”. Can be done in “reverse”.  Players pass the ball in the same direction, but move to the position where they received the ball from.  Start with the shot. While the ball is rebounded by the player on the “block”, the shooter moves to the top of the key, while the player at the top of the“  key kicks to the left wing to receive the outlet pass from the rebounder. Hit or miss, the player at the block passes it to the left wing, and quickly moves to the shooting position on the right.  The pass moves from“  the left, to the top of the key, then out to the shooter. (The player receiving the pass from the rebounder then fills in to rebound after kicking pass to the top of the key.  Round and round it goes. A little long winded, but I hope that this is helpful none the less.