My team has been so successful this season because my players have been focusing on their shooting.  One of the [tag]basketball shooting drills[/tag] we use is called 8 Minute Shooting.

Put four cones on the court, a 20ft* baseline shot, (both sides) and a 20 ft 45degree shot (plus the elbows).The aim is to hit 20 shots (as a team) from each spot (baseline, 45, and elbow) before getting to the next spot.

My players now hit shots over crazy defense, including a fade away buzzer beater to win against our arch rivals!!

NOTE: The time and distance of the shots can be adjusted for the age and strength of the players

Another drill that’s helped our younger players is something I got from a local high school [tag]basketball[/tag] coach.  It’s very simple.

Play a game three on three, full court, and no dribbling.  It’s a great conditioner, and since they are actually playing a game where you could score, they play even harder. We had a habit of players taking off with a dribble too soon without really looking first.  Immediately we saw improvement in our passing (and looking).

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