These are [tag]basketball shooting drills[/tag] that my youth teams love.  They work hard on their shooting skills in this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] and have fun doing so.  You’ll be pleased with the results!

I call it the “Amazing Race” (after the TV show where everyone has to get to a ‘destination’) or “Honey, I’m home!” depending on personality of your team.

1)“  Put all 6 (whatever you have) baskets down in the gym.

2)“  Try and separate the players in equal amounts at all baskets, having them set up for free throws (one person on free throw or closer depending on age). This is their HOME basket and they have to rotate clockwise to all the baskets until they get home and holler, “Honey, I’m Home” or “Wildcats” or whatever you choose.

3)“  Here’s the ‘catch’–in order to move to the next basket they have to make 1 (or 2 in a row if older and want to up the challenge).  When they go to next basket they set up on the far left of the shooter around the lane and rotate clockwise at individual baskets too.  If they miss their ‘one try per turn’, they move from the free throw line to their left (facing the hoop) and get back in rotation at the same hoop.

My [tag]basketball[/tag] team loves this little competition and it helps them focus on their shooting.