These are some of my favorite [tag]basketball shooting drills and tips[/tag].  They are quick, build competitiveness and effective.  Give these a try at your [tag]basketball practice[/tag].

This is a pass and shoot basketball drill I like to use.

Pass & Shoot Drill
2 players
1 [tag]basketball[/tag],
Chair at top of key to simulate defender
One player rebounds and one player shoots, making sure to step into the ball and use proper technique.

– Same Drill but start from the 3 point line, two jab steps and
then jump shot; ball fake, jab step and then jump shot
– Same Drill, ball fake up, dribble around chair and shoot
– Same Drill, ball fake right, dribble left around chair and shoot
– Same Drill, ball fake left, dribble right around chair and shoot

Timed Shooting Drill
What works well for me is the “Timed speed dribble and shooting drill”.  I time my players while dribbling right handed and left handed through suicides.  I challenge them to beat their times each day for 3 straight days.  The players that do receive some Gatorade or coaches award that we may designate such as most improved practice player for the week, which gets them a free lunch at the local subway shop.  Builds competitiveness!