Here are a couple of [tag]basketball shooting drills and tips[/tag] that I use often. Both are effective, fun and based on competition. I am a firm believer that adding a little competition to a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] makes it better.

With my team of 14, I split them up 7 & 7 and have them line up around the key as if free throws are being taken. I have everyone take one shot and rotate counter clockwise as quickly as possible. The goal of this [tag]basketball[/tag] drill is to score 14 points faster than the team on the other side of the court.

This really has helped my team with making clutch free throw shots at the end of a basketball game. It also builds team chemistry as they are all cheering for each other.

Another idea for [tag]basketball practice[/tag] is to have your players line up in 2 different lines. The first person in one line will run to the hoop and make a shot. The person in the other line will catch the rebound and pass it to the other person in the same line that the person that tried to shoot the ball. The person that passed the ball will go in the shooting line and the person that tried to shoot the ball, will go in the rebound line.

Great conditioning also!