One of the [tag]basketball shooting drills and tips[/tag] that I use with my team“  has made a huge difference in our free throw shooting. I call it Shoot-Or-Run.

It is very simple.  Concentration and focus, along with shooting the [tag]basketball[/tag] while exhausted, is what is stressed here.

Everyone lines up on the baseline and one shooter is on the free throw line.  That shooter is shooting one-and-one.

Miss the first, run a set of lines.
Make the first, miss the second, Run two down and back.
Make the first and second, no more running!

The kids want to make the shots so they don’t run. Pick one who doesn’t usually make two in a row.

My players are now shooting better free throws and finishing games for us.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know by leaving a comment in the box below! And please check out this free basketball drills article for more ideas you can use in practice.