I feel that this is one of the best [tag]basketball shooting drills[/tag] to use with players from all age groups. This particular shot should be considered one of the highest percentage shots in the game of [tag]basketball[/tag] because of its distance.

Shooting Drill
Objective : To improve percentage of the high-percentage shot

Drill : Each player shoots from either block using the backboard (5-6 feet away from basket). 10 shots are taken at either block before rotating to shoot from the opposite block. Each player retrieves their own basketball.
Time :

This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] should last at least 10-15 minutes each practice.  However, it is actually in my opinion one shot that is missed the most by all players, even good shooters. I attribute the high percentage of misses to the lack of time that is given to this shot in [tag]basketball practice[/tag].

Most players go in the gym to practice on free-throws, 3-pt shots and then more free throws. Therefore, their percentages for these shots are a little higher than they would be for the closer shot.

To make this shot, using the backboard, has become an art. In my opinion it is a lost art in the game of basketball.