If you are searching for [tag]basketball shooting drills[/tag], try this competitive shooting drill with your team. This is a great [tag]basketball drill[/tag], not only in teaching players to shoot under pressure, but also for conditioning.

Have three teams line up 15 feet from the basket. Give the teams a target – say, first team to hit 10 baskets.

Player rebounds his own shot and passes to the next in line, shouts out the running total if he/she scores.

After the total is reached the teams swap positions (ie. left, right and center of basket). Again it’s the first to 10, but this time if the player misses he/she has to run the length of the [tag]basketball[/tag] court before joining the back of the line.

Third time it’s first to 10 – only now, if the shot is missed the whole team has to run!