The inspiration for this [tag]basketball coaching tip[/tag] came from one of my subscribers. It includes a fresh idea for [tag]basketball shooting drills[/tag].  Try it out and let me know what you think!

Five spot shooting:
Arrange your players in teams of two or three or whatever number needed. The objective is for the teams to get five shots (or whatever number you“  choose) in from one spot. The five spots are corner, wing, top key, wing,“  corner.Basketball Shooting Drills

The players have one [tag]basketball[/tag] and get their own rebound on a miss or make and pass to their teammate. They must also count out loud the number made. Once a team makes five shots, blow your whistle and they hustle to the next basket to their right and begin shooting again. This helps players in various ways and is also fun.

A winning team is one which got five shots in before the other teams. The [tag]basketball coach[/tag] can set the win quota at two or three or whatever. Non-winning teams can do a conditioning [tag]basketball drill[/tag] or what the winning teams pick or it could be the coach’s decision.

This is a fun drill and great to build team unity as you can always change up the players. Great for shooting as they have to focus!