After some full court conditioning, I use these [tag]basketball shooting drills[/tag].  The focus of both of the drills is the [tag]Free Throw[/tag].  I call the first [tag]basketball drill[/tag]–Free Throw Believers.  It goes like this.

I start my girls on the baseline. I ask for a volunteer and this athlete comes to the free-throw line.
Those players that think she will make the shot, line up outside the key. Those that think she will miss, stay on the baseline.
If she misses, the believers run a down–n-back. If she makes it, the non-believers run.

The kicker is that they can only miss 3 in row then they all run. I was surprised how many of the girls started to spend their free time at the free-throw line instead of throwing up 3 pointers. This has increased our free-throw percentage by almost 10%.

My other free throw [tag]basketball[/tag] drill is called Spellers.

I have my players shoot around from within the three point circle.
One shot per player for every letter of the alphabet. The team, made up of three girls, gets to keep the letter that comes up on any basket they make. First shot is A, so if they make it they get to keep the letter. If they make three shots in a row they get to keep three A’s. Then they go on to B and so on.

The more shots they make as a team the more letters they get. The team that can spell the most words with the letters they earn is declared the winner and they get to choose the conditioning drill that the losing teams are required to do.