These 3 [tag]basketball shooting drills[/tag] teach a player to shoot a [tag]jump shot[/tag] well.  Your [tag]basketball[/tag] player will learn that to stick his landing is a key coaching point along with the proper extension.

Teaching Shooting

Drill #1
In middle of the lane–-
Have your player to bend his knees and get his butt down low. Get the basketball in the shot pocket and come up in one motion and jump and shoot.  Get good extension, and stick the landing with his feet. He should look at his feet prior to
the shot and then look at his feet after he is done shooting.
This is “stick your landing”.  Your feet need to come down in the same position.

Drill #2 same as above except change the position – back is to the sideline and player will pivot on foot closest to the basket, down in that low stance and shoot – again stick his landing

Drill #3 same as drill #2 except – pivot to square and pivot back to the original position and pivot again and shoot. Stick the landing.  This is pivot,pivot,pivot and shoot.

To emphasize – these 3 [tag]basketball drills[/tag] teach someone to shoot a jump shot well!