I received this suggestion on [tag]basketball shooting drills[/tag] from Chris in Rosemont, CA.  Give this a try with your team!Basketball Shooting Drills

From Chris…
This is my most difficult [tag]basketball drill[/tag] to get an actual winner.
I call this game “10’s”.

Split your [tag]basketball[/tag] team into two groups, one on each basket.
Set up two stations at each basket. I use one just outside the free thow line and one out on the wing.

Once the whistle blows, each team must take a shot from alternate stations.
Each team starts with 10 points.
If the shooter makes the basket, count it as 2 points. If he misses the basket, subtract 1 point. On a miss, the shooter at the other station cannot shoot until the shooter that missed gets the rebound and makes a successful lay-up. No points for the lay-up.

First team to zero loses or the first team to 20 wins. Most of the time teams end up closer to zero than 20!

I adjust the stations based on players’ skill level.