This is one of my favorite [tag]basketball shooting drills[/tag].  I call it–“X Shooting Drill”.

The [tag]basketball drill[/tag] begins with two lines under the basket positioned just outside the free throw (passer) lanes and two tines at the elbows at the top of the free throw lane (shooter).

The low right side passer passes to the high left side shooter and the other lower left side passes to the the right side shooter in a “X” pattern. Slightly stagger the passes out not to be passing at the same time or shooting at the same time. The passer then comes out to put a hand in the face of the shooter that they had just passed to, as if to play defense.

As the shooter shoots over the defense, concentrating on his form and the target (back edge of the rim) and after releasing the shot follows his shot for the offensive board. At the same time the passer, now the defender, blocks out the shooter and either goes for the rebound or allows the [tag]basketball[/tag] to touch the floor (coaches preference here).

The ball is retrieved (rebounded) and passed back to the lower passing line for the next two to repeat drill by the next two in each line.