People are always looking for ways to help kids remember shooting form basics:“  toe to target, making a T or an L with you arms, etc. Try these [tag]basketball shooting tips[/tag] as a way of reminding them how to break down their [tag]basketball shooting[/tag] & get back to basics.

“The Fantastic Shooting F’s”:

Fun–having a positive attitude about every shot–know that it’s going in even just as you catch the pass or step to the foul line.

Form–this alludes to all the basics about straight lines, toes, elbow in, shooting window, etc.. that you have already taught as a [tag]basketball coach[/tag].

Flex–the coiling of your body like a spring–bending at ankles, knees, waist, elbow.

Force–the power comes from the legs below.

Focus–keeping your eye on the prize, whatever part of the rim they choose or“  what you have taught your kids to zero in on.

Faith–again, belief in the final stages that it will go in, visualizing.

Finish–going from the coiled spring position to the fully extended.

Follow-through–body is fully extended, the only part bent now is the wrist!, snap = backspin, holding it confidently until the ball gets to its destination.

Fly–the [tag]basketball[/tag] needs to have some serious arc–actually soar–to have a good percentage chance to go in, much higher than the 10 foot hoop.

Depending on the group, you can limit it to just 4 or 5 of your favorite F’s if these are too many to handle.