One of my readers, Tye, actually suggested this idea for [tag]basketball shooting training[/tag].  I’ve included these [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] here for you below.Basketball Shooting Training

From Tye…
A couple of ideas that have helped us improve.

We spend the first 20 min of practice with [tag]conditioning[/tag] type drills; they may be different drills everyday but we always include the following two:

The first 10 min we do 2 on 2 [tag]shooting[/tag].
P1 passes to P2 and closes out on P2.  P2 shoots and then follows their shot.  On a miss they are allowed to put it back if it doesn’t hit the floor.  After they [tag]rebound[/tag] the make or miss they then pass to P1 who has spotted up for the shot.

The other [tag]drill[/tag] we run is called “X Drill”.  Two lines are formed outside the 3pt line free throw line extended.  Two balls in each line.  The first person in line 1 curls off the opposite elbow and receives the pass from the other line and continues to the basket for a hard layup.  After the pass is made that person cuts to the other block and receives the pass for a layup.  This continues until the team makes 20 layups in a row.  After layups we continue to shots from the elbow, then bank shots then 3 pts.

This drill is fast paced and has helped with finishing under the basket in traffic.