Christopher in Ontario, Canada emailed me to ask about [tag]basketball shot training[/tag].  I copied these tips sent in by Ed and Dave and pasted my response to him in the blog post below.Basketball Shot Training

Here is the drill Ed always starts his [tag]basketball[/tag] practice with and it has given the players great improvement:

One Hand Shooting:

Starting with the ball in one hand in a set posision and ready for the lift and release of the ball, and the other hand at the side; the player is in front of the rim so he/she has to lift the ball to get it over the rim; the player pushes with the legs for power, the arm is parallel with the floor, follow through and hold the arm until the ball goes into the net. 
I recommend daily five shots in front of the rim, on the side using the backboard.  This [tag]drill[/tag] is done with both hands.

From Dave…

Lay Up Relay Race

You need 6 baskets.
Divide the team in 2 groups. The 2 groups start at opposite ends of the gym.
Each player must go around the gym and complete a lay-up at all 6 baskets.