Chris from Iowa sent in a request for more [tag]basketball skill drills[/tag] he could use with his team.  Here’s one that Jim sent in. Basketball Skill Drills

A simple [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag], but my 8th graders love to compete against each other…so we pair off into two teams.

One team goes to one basket, and the other goes to the other basket. We then do a series of game speed drills–25 right side layups, yelling out as they make them. First team to 25 wins, the losers then run to the winners side and drop to do 20 sit-ups then run back to other side, as they then face off for 25 left sided lay-ups. Losers will run over to other side to do 20 push-ups this time.

You can continue this basketball drill doing 25 free throws, or 25 shots made from each side, etc.  Each time have losers run to do sit-ups or pushups in front of the winners.
Great way to get them warmed up in an aerobic game speed fashion and the winners always make sure every sit-up and lay-up is counted!!