Chris from Iowa sent in a request for more [tag]basketball skill drills[/tag] he could use with his team.  Here’s a couple of [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] sent in by Joe and Frank.Basketball Skiil Drills

From Joe…
We change up the “suicide” [tag]drill[/tag].

Run to freethrow line touch run back, run to half court touch run back, etc by [tag]dribbling[/tag] the entire drill, running backwards while in [tag]defense[/tag] position as we go out and then run forward going back, sliding sideways in defense position, and grapevining the drill.

From Frank…
Drill to work on quick pass into post or top of key off a pick

Two lines with guards/wings at top of three point line. Line 1 will pass and pick down and line 2 will pass.
Two lines with post players/forwards/centers under basket. Line 1 will be on offense and line 2 will be on defense..

1.  Balls starts above three point line on left or right wing side.
2.  Wing passes to opposite wing and runs down and sets a solid pick on the low block.
3.  Post player rotates to top of key for shot or across baseline for lay-up.

Players rotate lines after completing turn.  After completing a couple rotations, players should rotate type of shot and sides of the wing the ball starts at.