These [tag]basketball skill drills[/tag] starts with 2 lines of players that are facing each other at opposite sidelines at about the free throw line extended.

All players have a [tag]basketball[/tag] except the first one in ONE of the lines. That player starts the [tag]basketball drill[/tag] by running toward the other line of players.

The first person in that line throws the player the ball so they can catch it at about the free throw lane line extended on the side that the person made the pass from.

The person catches the ball on a jump stop, pivots to square up to the basket, gives a shot or pass fake and drives to the basket for a lay-up (or they can take a jump shot).

They get their own rebound and go to end of the opposite line that they came from.

Now the person who just made the pass is the only person without a ball. They run towards the opposite line of players just like the first person did, catch the ball on a jump stop, pivot to square up, shot or pass fake and then drive in for a lay-up.

The drill just keeps continuing like this. Each line would be shooting lay-ups with the opposite hand that the other line uses because they would be driving in to the basket from opposite sides of the lane.

In addition to the left hand/right hand dribbling in and shooting, the drill also involves, passing, catching, coming towards the ball and catching the ball on a jump stop, pivoting and faking so we are hitting a lot of skills with this drill.

Instead of having the person pivot after catching the ball on a jump stop you could have them turn in mid air as they catch the ball on the jump stop so they are square to the hoop and already in shooting position. Then they could take the quick shot instead of driving.