These [tag]basketball skill drills[/tag] consist of four trips up and down the floor that incorporates ballhandling, defensive stance and footwork. Use of cones or markers is recommended.

Full court series (4 Trips)
Stress wide-open speed stance on ” freeway”, and low, quick stance in the “city”.
Trip 1- ( City) Defensive slide zigzagging all the way up the floor. Make sure stance is low and wide while the change of direction at each marker is quick.

Trip 2- ( Freeway) Quickly pick up ball and speed dribble up to cone with open floor crossover. Pusht the ball ahead. Must break down when nearing defender ( cone) as to protect the ball. Make sure to use right and left hand where appropriate.

Trip 3- ( City) Quick, crossover dribbles zigzagging up the floor. Plant outside foot at each mark, and stress quick change of direction on crossover. Right and left hand dribbles ( [tag]basketball[/tag] should always be in outside hand away from imaginary defender).

Trip 4- ( Freeway) Drop the ball and begin full- court defense. Simulate being beat on the dribble with defender sprinting to cut off the dribbler. Player should ” shuffle, ” shuffle, sprint” at beginning of each cone. They should sprint to a point just beyond the cone.

One person or large group drill: each new player starts trip 1 w coach’s whistle, and go through all four trips. The court from baseline to baseline is being used.

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