Looking for more [tag]basketball skills and drills[/tag]?“  You’ve come to the right place!“  Try out the two ideas below sent to me from Gene and Dave.Basketball Skills and Drills

From Gene…
Here’s a [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]shooting[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] called “RANGE FINDER“:
Starting about two feet away from the basket, shooter takes a shot.  If shot is made, shooter takes one-half step away from the basket.  Conversely if shot is missed, shooter takes a full step forward.

After taking 25 shots, that establishes the maximum range (distance) shooter is authorized to shoot from, exclusive of desperation shots.  If shooter does transgress over this barrier, shooter is benched for a short time to emphasize shooter is “out of range”!
From Dave…

Scrimmage without Dribbling

This is a [tag]passing[/tag] drill for the younger players to get them use to moving the ball up, with some court sense. “ I use a no dribble rule in some of the scrimmages. This makes the kids use a variety of passes and if they dribble the ball, they do a couple push ups or situps on the spot. Also makes them keep their heads up and aware of where the other players are on their team.