Last week, I sent out a request for my newsletter subscribers to send in their favorite [tag]drills[/tag] that they found effective at [tag]basketball skills camp[/tag]. Check out these below (very creative!).Basketball Skills Camp

From Tom…

“BOX” – out of bounds under your own basket. Works every time for me -8th grade [tag]basketball[/tag].

Four players start out spread (two on low post and two on high post). When the [tag]passer[/tag] yells “break” the two low post jump wide then up back up to the high post to set a screen. The two high post steps inside then lead their defender outside into the screen and pops out wide for a [tag]jump shot[/tag]. The weak side screener then runs to the top of the key and the strong side quickly cuts down the lane for the easy bucket. The passers #1 option is the cutter, then he has two side shooters, and lastly the top of the key to set a new play up.

From Steven…

My “Circle the Wagon” [tag]blocking[/tag] out [tag]drill[/tag] is ran with 5 defense players positioned outside the paint & 5 [tag]offense[/tag] players jogging around them in a circle clockwise then counter-clockwise.

The [tag]coach[/tag] will pass the ball to an offensive player, where he will [tag]shoot[/tag] the ball from outside. At that time defense must yell “SHOT” & block -out an offensive player then [tag]rebound[/tag] the ball . The defensive team must make 3 consecutive rebounds before they switch to offense. A great drill to help players to rebound out of a zone defense.