Eric sent me this idea for a [tag]basketball skills challenge[/tag].  This is a creative and fun drill to teach [tag]jumping[/tag] and [tag]rebounding[/tag] to your youth team.Basketball Skills Challenge

From Eric…
My idea/[tag]drill[/tag].  Coaching younger players, especially 3-5 grade, to teach jumping and rebounding.

Super fun [tag]basketball[/tag] drill that everyone looks forward to.

We took two poles (old broom handles), and some string. We configured two basketballs with a band of stick on velcro, and secured an opposing velcro strip on the end of the string.  We stuck the basketballs on the end of the string/rope, and held the ball up at a height that the kids had to jump to reach.  If they didn’t reach it with two hands, they couldn’t detach the ball, but if they jumped high and reached with two hands, they could detach the ball, and get “the rebound”.  They discovered how to jump and go aggressively for the ball and secure it in about 5 minutes, and they love the drill.

Basic setup: [tag]coach[/tag] holds pole with ball, 1 rebounder to start, 1 outlet line in a outlet pass position. Grab ball from velcro, throw outlet, outlet receiver throws chestpass to coach, and becomes next [tag]rebounder[/tag]. Cycle through and keep going.