Ashley came up with this [tag]basketball skills competition[/tag] and sent it to me last week. Try out her [tag]drill[/tag] with your team right away.Basketball Skills Competition

From Ashley…
Coaching Drill:

For starters I [tag]coach[/tag] a 10-11 year old girls [tag]basketball[/tag] team.  One thing that I have recently tried that has seemed to be very effective during the game is as follows:
On the base line I have the team in pairs of two, but only two pairs go at a time.
Within each pair there is a person with the ball ([tag]offensive[/tag]) and the runner (does not have a ball) as I call it ([tag]defensive[/tag]).
On my whistle the person with the ball [tag]dribbles[/tag] the ball full speed up the court the goal to make a shot on the opposite end.
On the second whistle the runner runs at full speed at attempts to cut the person off and slow the dribbler down. This way the person can attempt to either steal the ball or continue to play effective [tag]defense[/tag] to force a [tag]turnover[/tag] of any kind.  The whistle blows are about a half second apart.

Another bonus drill to try:
From Jenny…

5 players are around the perimeter, spread out behind the 3 pt line.
You whip the ball around the perimeter, once it gets to the last spot (Baseline corner) it turns into a 3 on 2 match up. Alternating positions; offense, defense, offense, defense, offense. No one can move until the ball hits the last players hands. The number involved in the drill can vary, and you can add things or alter the drill to best fit your squad.