One of my readers, Rob, actually suggested this idea for a [tag]rebounding[/tag] [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag].  Use this drill as a [tag]basketball skills test[/tag] with your team to increase your competitive edge.Basketball Skills Test

From Rob…
Rebounding Drill
Works on making players actually [tag]box out[/tag] and not watch the ball during a shot.
Place ball on floor.
One starts with hand on ball.
He yells “shot” and must move to box out other player who starts about 8 feet from ball, not allowing him to touch the ball.
Must keep the other player away from the ball a minimum of 5 seconds.
You can award “points” to increase competitiveness (2 for “Offensive Rebound”, 1 for keeping player boxed out) and have player with fewest points run down and back, etc.

This drill gets many kids over the problem of “ball watching” when a shot goes up and also gets some over being tentative about putting their body on another person during [tag]rebounds[/tag].