Craig and Ross, two of my readers, sent these [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] to me last week.  You won’t need a [tag]basketball skills video[/tag] to figure these out.  Two great drills that are simple and effective! Give them a try.Basketball Skills Video

From Craig…
3 on 3 catch-up. “ 

3-players on the baseline with 8′-10’spacing and 3 opposing players facing them, at the free throw line extended.
The [tag]coach[/tag] throws the ball to one of the players on the baseline.  The three players on the baseline [tag]fast break[/tag] to the other end of the court.  The [tag]defensive[/tag] player who was facing the player who received the pass must run to the baseline and try and catch up with the 3 on 2 situation heading to the other end of the court.

This [tag]drill[/tag] can be 4 on 4 catch up as well.

From Ross…
When the [tag]defense[/tag] team is in a [tag]Zone Defense[/tag], set a high post.
Two will set on each wing and the other two out on top, swing the ball around the last [tag]pass[/tag] to the wing will run across for back door cut.

This works well when there is no fast break, very easy to learn and works every time.