Hey Guys

A quick warning: the Basic and Gold
Level private sale discounts have
been taken off the table.

(Don’t worry- you can still order those
packages, just not for the same price
that was available during the sale)

Did you miss out?

If so, no worries…

You still have a chance to save
at least $100 on the Diamond Level

Check it out:


You might remember-

Brent (my buddy & [tag]basketball software[/tag] developer guru)
said he would pull the discounted pricing
after the first 100 copies of Basketball blueprint were


However, we were both really surprised
at how fast they went…

I have a pile of e-mails from folks
who think they missed out…..

So in case you were
traveling on business (Bill), or dealing with
a pre-Turkey-Day emergency (Jerry)…

You can STILL get the discount on
the Diamond Package.

But ONLY until Tuesday at midnight-

Don’t hesitate… this deal will
also be gone soon.

Good coaching,

PS- In the past 3 days alone, I’ve gotten 42
“field reports” from [tag]Basketball[/tag] Blueprint owners
telling me how much they LOVE the software….here’s
a snapshot at what they’ve told me…..

simple to use…

nifty tool….

just did my first play in 5 minutes!….

as easy as your videos….

I skipped “date night”” with the wife to play with my new
basketball toy…..

I’m already printing playbooks for the guys….