Special thanks to Tom for sending this one in.  If you’ve every struggled with [tag]basketball speed drills[/tag], you MUST try this out!

Basketball Speed Drills

I [tag]coach[/tag] mostly 5th – 8th grade girls. I feel I have excellent [tag]basketball[/tag] drills to improve their skills. In fact, if they do them at each practice, you see immediate improvement. My favorite drill I do as a team competition. You normally need side baskets to utilize time. The team that scores the most wins and the others must run.
I put one team of 3 under the basket with two balls. Each ball is on each low block. One girl will simply do as many layups as possible in one minute. Her job is to go in a direct line from ball to ball, using left hand and right hand on each side.
The second girl is under the basket facing the shooter. Her job is to catch or rebound ball as it comes through the hoop and pass to the third girl.

The third girl is also facing the shooter in the paint. She must use a defensive slide and receive the pass from girl # 2 and place the ball on the opposit low block from the shooter. #2 must slide her feet and move in a semi-circle motion to make sure she stays out of shooters way.
As a snapshot, as the shooter does her lay-up, the # girl should be placing the other ball on the other block. When it is run correctly, it looks great. Make sure #3 rotates to #1 so they shoot while they are tired.

You add score of all three players and highest score wins.