I was at practice last night and used these [tag]basketball strategies[/tag] sent in by Carolyn.Basketball Strategies

I enjoy running a 2 on 1 triangle building drill, until we build to 4 on 4 on 4.  This drill simply involves reaction, defensive communication, attacking the hoop, smart [tag]basketball[/tag]…

We start with 2 0n 1, my defensive players hold the ball at the free throw line, with offense on each block.  The defense passes to one of the offensive players turns and sprints to half court finds the ball and defends the 2 on 1. The building process continues buy adding a defensive player just out of bounds under the basket, 2 0n 2, then we throw in another offensive player on the wing directly out from the blocks. My third defender would then go to half court, then an offensive player on the opposite wing.
If I want to hit 4 on 4 full court I will add the 4th defender on the wing behind the baseline. Ultimately we will go 4 on 4 on 4. Purple will attack 3 gold defenders, with the 4th gold player at half court waiting for the ball to cross half court, once it does the 4th player will sprint and touch mid-circle the engage in defense.  The white team will then move on to the court waiting for the gold team to take over offense and attack at the opposite end.  With one white waiting on the sideline at half court.  As the purple teams scored or lost the ball offensively they then become defense waiting for the white team to take over the ball at the other end and attack them. Purple will need to communicate with each other and send one player to the half court sideline to engage the team once the ball again crosses half court. They must pay attention and move quickly as a turn over may return the action right back at them. 
To challenge and induce conditioning I will change up the defensive positioning and start with only two defenders, while he other two are sprinting to the sideline half court then to the mid-circle to engage the four on four.

I enjoy this basketball [tag]drill[/tag].  You will see communication pick-up, reaction time, thinking and [tag]conditioning[/tag]. Enjoy!