Take a look at this submission from Barry.  A great example of [tag]basketball strategy[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Basketball Strategy

One of my favorite drills to run is 4 on 4 on 4.  It covers many different aspects of [tag]basketball[/tag]–playing together, offense, defense, transition, decsion-making, gives players several chances to handle the ball, 4 v. 2, conditioning, shooting, rebounding, communication, etc. 
It is a full court [tag]drill[/tag].  Divide your players into 3 teams of 4 players.  Give them different colored pinnies or shirts.  To start the drill one of the team lines up across the half court line.  Two players from another team are at one end defending one basket while 2 players from the third team are defending the other basket.  The remaining players are out of bounds at half court.  The team starting the drill can go toward either basket creating at first a 4 on 2 situation.  As soon as the ball reaches half court, the 2 players at halfcourt must sprint and get one foot in the center circle and then head to the basket to help their teammates. 
If the defense gets a rebound, they proceed toward the other end of the court with the original offensive team playing pressure defense until half court.  When the ball hits the half court line the 2 players from the team at the other end get a foot into the center circle and go to help their teammates.  Play continues back and forth until one team scores 5 baskets (or whatever the coach desires).  If a basket is scored the defensive team takes the ball out of bounds while the defensive team plays pressure man to man defense (up to half court where they get off the court and reset for the next trip down the court).  Hope this makes some sense.