I find that the traditional ideas for [tag]basketball strength and conditioning[/tag] need improvement.  Here’s an idea that one of my subscribers sent in that offers a change worth trying!Basketball Strength and Conditioning

From Bruce…
I’ve had [tag]basketball[/tag] teams in the past that never seemed to have enough stamina at the end of the game. I’ve always felt that this was a combination of endurance and confidence. So, I decided to start my [tag]basketball conditioning drills[/tag] at the beginning of basketball practice.

I set up a series of cones in a zigzag fashion, the width of the key, all the way down the court. The object is for the entire team to touch the floor just outside each cone, one by one. We start out running for 5 minutes and gradually increase the time each practice until we hit 12 minutes. In between waiting to run the gauntlet, we do either pushups, jumping jacks, or line hops.

The point is that the kids develop tremendous cardiovascular conditioning. The fourth quarter becomes easy. They know that no team is better prepared than they are!

Also, at the end of the [tag]basketball drill[/tag], everyone has to make a free throw. I tell them that the hardest time to make a free throw is when you’re tired.