One suggestion that I would like to pass along is about [tag]basketball team warm ups.[/tag] I think the way a team warms up represents how they will play in a game.

A weak, none interesting warm-up with players not truly concentrating can make for a bad game. However with that said, I have also constantly stressed to my team how important practices are and what they show me in practice is what I will assume to see from them in a game.

A lazy attitude in practice does not give you a spot on the starting line-up but instead a spot on the bench because that is how I think you will act in a game. Therefore I teach my team a warm-up, a series of [tag]basketball drills[/tag] and stress the importance of this warm-up for games but also for [tag]basketball practice[/tag]s.

To make sure that all players know all the drills and the order of them we start each practice just as we would a [tag]basketball[/tag] game. We put on the music, run through our warm-up and when the music shuts off, instead of starting a game, they know it’s now time to listen.