As a [tag]basketball coach[/tag], a key goal is to teach [tag]basketball teamwork[/tag] to your players. Here are three [tag]basketball drills[/tag] that really make my team focus and work together as a team. These are the circle pass drill, the 3 man weave and no hands defense. Try these with your team and everyone benefits from incredible teamwork.

We put one player in the center of the court and the rest of the team circles around him as wide as the width of the court. The [tag]basketball[/tag] is passed from the outside to the middle and passer takes the place of the middleman and the middleman passes to the next person in line and takes there place in the circle. Once you go around a few times, reverse the direction of the rotation without stopping it really makes them pay attention to detail.

And of course we do the three man weave and the ball can not touch the floor. If it does then they have to start all over, three strikes and the entire team runs three sprints. The drill is basic and is nothing fancy but the whole team cheers each other on and the older players really help and encourage the younger and newer players on and really builds a strong team togetherness and to stay focused on the job at hand.

And we play all defense at practice with our hands behind our backs to promote faster footwork, to get to the spot before the offense ball handler. A lot of times a player tends to want to reach when he or she is beaten off the dribble. So by doing this in practice the player develops ways to make up for not having their normal wingspan while sliding on defense–basically learning to play without reaching and getting in foul trouble because if you can beat the ball handler to the line and get one foot out of bounds then you don’t need to go for the ball.  Make the ball handler pick up his or her dribble.