Last week, I sent out a request for my newsletter subscribers to send in their best [tag]basketball tips[/tag].  Check out this one below (very creative!).

This is a good box out and rebound drill to get your [tag]basketball[/tag] players thinking.  Basketball Tips

5 offensive players are spaced evenly around the 3 point arc to start.
5 defenders are line up shoulder to shoulder on the base line in the paint.
The offensive players are numbered 1 to 5 from left to right, a point that should be emphasized to the defense.
1 coach stands behind the defenders with a ball.

The [tag]coach[/tag] throws the ball to any player on offense as the defense is
looking strait ahead.  While throwing the ball the coach calls numbers 1-5 in any random order. From left to right, defender 1 always takes the first number called.
Defender 2 takes the second number called and so on.
All five players must sprint to their designated check in a controlled close out manner and box out that player.
Player that receives the ball will take a jump shot.
The defender on the ball is not allowed to block the shot, but must challenge the shooter and box out.
Offense is not allowed to move until the shot goes up and then they must
battle for the rebound.
If the offense gets the ball, the defense does push ups or points are awarded and subtracted (however the coach seem fit to run it, I like push ups).
If the defense gets the rebound, then that is what is expected.
If the shot is made, we keep going (that is a good thing).
After 3 times through, switch offense to defense.