Well, it’s just about time for the Basketball Blueprint Software private sale to begin.

This innovative program will allow you to design complete animated plays, and even insert your written comments and whiteboard drawings into your [tag]basketball tips and drills[/tag].

I basically stayed up all night writing a letter
that explains everything you are going to get with
this amazing [tag]basketball coaching[/tag] tool.

Well, I actually did sleep from 3am to 5:30 am…
but I felt like I was up all night 🙂

It took a lot longer to write this letter than I
thought it would – primarily because there is so darn
much extra material included.

And I have to warn you… I ended up with a really long

Please forgive me for the length. I know that a lot
of you already know that you want the souped-up
Diamond Level package

… if that is your situation, then just skip
to the bottom of the web page, click on the link, and
grab your copy.

If that’s you, then I think I have done a pretty
good job of explaining the extra benefits you get
by upgrading.

If you fall in this latter category, there is one thing
I want to stress…

I am 99.9% sure we are not going to run out of the
100 software packages in the first few minutes, so don’t feel too
frenzied when you are reading the letter.

Take your time and go through the entire letter.
In fact, I suggest your print it out – it will
be a lot easier to read that way.

Check out everything in the 3 packages before you
decide which one is best for you.

This is the site where you can order your software:

Note that Gold and Diamond level coaches will be able
to access pre loaded basketball tips and drills directly from
the Masterminds Knowledge Base.