Liane sent this one to me last week.  One great example of [tag]basketball training drills[/tag] that doesn’t require a coaching PhD to figure out. Basketball Training Drills

A good fitness drill and fast break, also determining who can throw a decent [tag]basketball[/tag] pass.
Players line up at centre court on sideline with ball in hands of second and fourth person.  1st person in line runs the lane to basket receiving a pass from the second person in line.  She follows the pass to get the rebound before it hits the floor.  The 1st person runs the lane the full length of the court and receives the basketball pass from the rebounder who then runs full length of court for rebound and outlets it the shooter who passes to next person in line.
Use two balls to keep the [tag]drill[/tag] active.

Here’s another drill sent in by Dave..

In an effort to emphasize passing over dribbling, we start every drill with a “fake” and a “pass”.  My hope is that this emphasis will carry over into the games when they are under pressure.