I find that the traditional [tag]basketball drills[/tag] can get a bit stale.  Here are a couple of [tag]basketball training tips[/tag] for you to try with your team to liven things up at your practices.

Left Handed Day:
Pick one [tag]basketball practice[/tag] per week and call it left handed day.  Take an hour on that day and do everything left hand (or right handed if a lefty).  To make sure everyone does this, take a string and tie down the “off” hand.  Shoot, pass, dribble the [tag]basketball[/tag] with the designated hand.

Circle Rebound:
Place 5 players beyond the three point line. Have the five rebounders run around the circle that encloses the free throw line.  When the shot is taken they have to find a man to box out.  All five players must be covered.