Basketball [tag]transition defense[/tag] is important especially against teams that like to run a lot. If your team can’t get back and play good transition defense, they might not ever be able to stop the other team from scoring. So, it’s important to have good transition defense and that best way to get this is by running basketball transition defense drills.Basketball Transition Defense Drills

One of the worst things that can happen to a you on [tag]offense[/tag] is for you to take a shot and have the other team get the rebound and come down and score before your team has a chance to play [tag]defense[/tag]. That’s why you always want to have at least one player – usually a guard – stay back and not attack the offensive boards. Against team’s that are good at [tag]transition[/tag] you’ll want to leave at least two players – usually both guards – to defend against the fast break.

Most [tag]basketball transition defense drills[/tag] involve having 2 players on defense and 3 players on offense. The 2 players on defense always have to try not to give-up an easy lay-up. To do this the defenders always must make sure there is one defender as deep as the deepest offensive player. A defender should never leave an offensive player alone under the basket.

As 2 defenders hustle back in transition defense, they want to get into a stacked formation. One player should be near the basket and the other player should be out near the foul line. The top player wants to defend the ball and he should yell “ball” to let the other defender know what he’s doing. Then if and when a pass is made, the bottom defender should go to the ball and the top defender should drop back to the basket.

All the defenders can hope to do while playing transition defense is to slow down the fast break so that more defenders can sprint down into the play or to force an outside jumper. At no time should both players play defense on the outside and allow an offensive player to have an easy lay-up.

One of great [tag]basketball[/tag] transition defense [tag]drills[/tag] involves having 2 defensive players on each end of the floor. These defenders should be stacked with one player near the basket and another player near the foul line.

There will be three offensive players that start at half-court and attack one of the baskets. There will also be a player one each side of the court and one each side of the half-court line (4 players total) waiting to be the next attackers.

The first three players will attack the basket. The top defender will stop the ball and force a pass and then the bottom defender will go play defense on the ball. The top defender must then drop down on defense. The offense will take a shot.

It doesn’t matter whether the basket is made or not, one of the defenders must get the rebound and outlet to one of the two players who are standing on the sides of the court. The rebounder then becomes an offensive player at the other end of the court. Both players who were standing and waiting on the half-court side where the shot was just taken are the other two offensive players. Two of the players who just played offense will become the defenders for the next time the ball comes down the court and the other offensive player and the other defender will stand out near half-court and wait for the next outlet pass.

Transition defense in basketball is very important. That’s why teams need to make sure they work on basketball transition defense drills in practice. Players have to learn how to force a team that is fast breaking to either take an outside shot or to hold the ball long enough so that other defenders make it back to play defense.