It’s that time of the year again–basketball tryout time!“  When holding basketball tryouts you’ll want to run a variety of drills that will showcase your potential players’ [tag]strengths[/tag] and [tag]weaknesses[/tag] on the court.  Make sure to include [tag]shooting[/tag], [tag]passing[/tag], and [tag]dribbling[/tag] in your basketball tryout drills in order to gage the players’ skill sets accordingly.Basketball Tryout Drills

When running [tag]basketball tryout drills[/tag], try to have a few [tag]drills[/tag] running at once to take the pressure off the players.  Not only will that give you a chance to examine multiple players at once, it will also give each player a chance at each type of [tag]drill[/tag].  Also, if players are attempting an unfamiliar drill in front of peers and coaches, there is a chance that even the most skilled, composed player will crack under the pressure.  You don’t want to be missing out on a great addition to your team just because of a poorly managed [tag]tryout[/tag].

Additionally, when you’ve finished running a series of [tag]basketball[/tag] tryout drills make sure to reserve at least 15 minutes at the end of the tryout for a small scrimmage.  You’ll need to be able to see your players in action in a real-time game simulation in order to determine whether they’ll be the right fit for your team.

When observing the players, especially during the scrimmage, watch for their conduct amongst each other as well as how they treat you and any other members of your coaching staff.  I have passed over many skilled players because they did not possess the necessary team player positive attitude required for anyone on my team.